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Specialising in the 72nd scale Radio Control model ship market, the ship hulls on this site have been painstakingly researched and built using the latest research available. These ships range from the Early Dreadnought era (1905) through to the Missile armed ships of Today. Worldwide, this scale of model is growing in popularity, as many of the aircraft that operated from some of them are available in this scale. This scale also allows for a greater level of detail than smaller scales, it also makes smaller vessels such Destroyers and Corvettes easier to install RC gear with the larger access. As Aircraft Carriers in this scale are huge and many people neither have the room nor the ability to transport them, 144th scale aircraft carriers will be coming available in the near future. For the PT Boat fans a 35th scale range will come available in the coming year. We aim to provide you, the valued customer, with quality handmade Naval and Civilian model ship hulls for that next project that you have always wanted.

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